A Breath of Modernity

Elena Zanfir - Alzanga Designer

The creations of the ALZANGA brand are the work of Elena Zanfir, a young Belgian designer who is passionate about fashion and has an MBA in Management and Luxury Marketing (Paris). She developed her experience at Louis Vuitton and various other London designers before launching her own label.

One of her first ideas was simply genius! Using a large variety of materials, she made boot Jewellery, to be placed or removed according to taste to give a unique look, either uplifting or rock.

Immediately, the line was hugely successful. Concurrently, she has developed her true passion, leather goods, where, again, she interprets esthetic codes by harmoniously joining form and function.

Her innovative spirit materializes in bags and accessories dressed in a different leather on each side, to be worn inside out or right side out according to the way one is dressed or feels at the moment.

Elena meticulously chose the best European tanneries, whose high-class products supply Alzanga’s collections. These are also characterized by the bold association of unrivalled leathers with sophisticated textures.

The whole line is entirely hand made in Portugal. Practical, original and exclusive, all of her creations will charm active and contemporary women!

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